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"Ike has more zits, Tay has a little less zits and I have no zits." ~Zac

Who would have thought that harmonizing "Amen" at the dinner table would have started what it did, but now, seven years later the three talented brothers are on a pedastal of world wide fame and they have captured all of our hearts. We have made this website for people who love Hanson as much as we do so thanks for coming and we hope you enjoy your time here.
~Analisa and Candace~

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Links about Hanson

See what Hanson is up to

Cool Links:
These are some of our favorite Links!

Come see the differen't webrings we are in! Lots of cool sites!

Hanson Videos and Wavs.:
Videos and Wavs, not much yet, but more coming SOON!

All About Us:
Meet us, Candace and Ann

Hanson E-Pals:
Here is a list of other Hanson fans who want to make frinds with you!

Hanson Articles:
Here are articles on Hanson that appeared in major magazines

Album Reviews:
Click here for reviews on all four of Hanson's albums

Ike info:
Click here for tons of Ike info

Tay info:
Click here for tons of Tay info

Zac info:
Click here for tons of Zac info

Hanson Quotes:
Tons of quotes from different Hanson Appearances

All the lyrics to the first independent album, Boomerang!

Lyrics to the second independent album, MMMBop

Middle of Nowhere:
All the lyrics to MON

Snowed In:
Lyrics to Snowed In

3 Car Garage:
All the lyrics to the album, 3 Car Garage

Book Reviews:
Click here for a review on some of the Hanson biographies that has been published.

Tons of cool pics!

A link to the world's BEST radio station's web site for The Music Leader, KLDR

Hanson words and phrases in Czech!:
You can learn how to say things about Hanson in Czech! It's really cool!

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